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New DeepSign app: sign and verify anywhere with your phone

The new DeepSign app enables you to digitally sign PDFs and contracts faster, easier, and from anywhere. Choose from 2 types of signatures that are legally valid according to Swiss (ZertES) and EU (eIDAS) law. You can add document co-signers, monitor signing progress, and conclude your next agreement in seconds. And you can also verify your digital identity for free with our integrated DeepID app – all right from your phone.

Download the free DeepSign app

Sign PDFs and contracts on the go
Upload any document or contract and sign with your digital signature from wherever you are. Sign by yourself, or invite co-signers to sign with you through the app.

Monitor progress and get updates in the app
Keep track of who has signed, and who still needs to, with real-time signing updates.

Free integrated digital ID, legally valid eSignatures
Verify your and your co-signers’ IDs remotely with our free, integrated app, DeepID. ID verification is necessary for your eSignature to have the strongest level of legal validity and security.

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