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NinjaBox: putting fiduciaries at the centerstage

Introducing NinjaBox, the perfect solution for fiduciaries who want to offer their clients a powerful administration software to streamline their daily business processes. 

Seamlessly combining DeepBox with the AbaNinja administration program, NinjaBox allows fiduciaries to easily onboard their customers on AbaNinja with direct connection to financial accounting in their Abacus ERP.

Key benefits:

  1. Streamlined onboarding process: NinjaBox simplifies client management by empowering fiduciaries to control the onboarding process while linking it directly to financial accounting in their Abacus ERP. 
  2. Administrative autonomy: AbaNinja allows small companies managed by a fiduciary to handle in an independent fashion their administrative tasks via a cloud-based invoicing program, enabling autonomy and keeping fiduciaries in the driver’s seat.
  3. Financial accounting supervision: The system automatically records transactions from AbaNinja into the Abacus ERP, giving the fiduciary a clear picture of the customer’s finances. The fiduciary can thus manage the client’s accounting professionally and efficiently right after onboarding.

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